Friday, 26 August 2011

Spreading the word

We have spent the last few nights completely lost in web land. We've been Blogging, Tweeting, Zazzling (see previous post), Ebaying and generally word spreading through friends and family.

The result of all this hard graft? We sold another top. Hooray.

Ok, so it's not big time yet but, to quote the wise words of my wife once more, everything starts somewhere.

Photography next. We need to renew the pictures using our sweet new D40 and hopefully get them updated before the Ebay listing finishes.

On a personal note, we have so many comedy little projects up in the air at the moment that we're both chomping at the bit to get them finished. It's not just retail here at the shed you know! There's roofing, gardening, creating farm preserves, baking bread, painting, photography, marketing the business and a variety of other smaller missions that are all vying for our attention.

I really want to concentrate on the business though and I keep getting ratty when we get side tracked. All these little jobs need doing I suppose so I must try to hold it together.

I just wish that my email would crash and, on investigating the reason why, find that all the stock had sold within minutes and the resulting traffic had jammed the site.... Hmmm, this is why my wife is like the anchor that stops me getting into all sorts of trouble. By now I think I would have spread my investments across sardines, rubber ducks, warm toast and ice sculptures.

Thank you darling!

Me lost in Web land

Ok, here's a picture of me blogging. A kind of strange attempt at creating a infinite paradox. If you read the blog on the picture, you might be able to read tomorrows blog... or next weeks..... or even next years.....

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