Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New toys to help our rise to stardom!

Well, the day started well with the news that my wife's sister has just upgraded her camera from a Nikon D40 (a fine piece of kit to those in the know, don't you know) to a D90 (a intimidatingly professional piece of kit about which we know very little).

The upshot of this is.... we get the old one!

Fantastic news as selling things online gets very tricky if you've only got a grainy mobile-phone pic to show your customers just what it is you are trying to sell. The D40 will give us wonderful pics and so we are both very happy about this unexpected... and free investment. Thanks sis.

So we are both reeling from this good news when my mother arrives to tell us that she is prepared to invest in an all in one scanner/printer/photocopier for the business as well.

Few sales as yet but the confidence in us from our family is really helping to iron out those 'down days' every new business suffers in the early days.

Our new baby
With luck, a steady hand and a fair wind, we should be underway in no time.

Until the next blog.

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