Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The mission to end all missions...

So last night it began and, from my previous micro blog, both me and wife put in 12 hours to get the job started.

It's a roof job so VERY weather dependent.

We began by removing the glass from the roof (a very precarious job which finished with a small hole in my thumb but nothing more serious, thankfully).

Me recoiling after a right hook from wife
Then we began tearing old roofing bits and bobs out and taking them to the recycling centre as it was such a dry, beautiful day. The weather forecast was dry and sunny for the next three days so we didn't need to worry.

Books in peril due to a severe case of 'lack of glass'

Me feigning tireness to get off work early (fail)

This morning we finished the small amount of brickwork and tidying up and began putting wooden boards on the roof. Then.....

Wife admiring new farings (huge, 5 metre long door wedges to pitch the roof) one of my engineering solutions... brag brag

Me battling elements to get the job done. What a hero... swoon.

Inevitably the heavens opened and we all ran for cover under the new (but sadly felt-less ie, dripping) boards. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Eventually the rain slowed to a steady drizzle and I, being very short of patience and watching our wonderful and extensive book collection in peril, decided to begin putting the underlay on the roof. Although not completely weather proof, at least it would be safer for the books, electrics, floor and various other things threatened by the downpour.

It's 8pm now and the rain is finally subsiding. The underlay is on and tomorrow we put the thick felt (or Top Sheet to those in the know) on and begin the tricky job of the weather seal. This is a device designed to fix the felt to brickwork whilst simultaneously frustrating the hapless workman into a frothy frenzy. Can't wait.

Wife took some shots yesterday of me sweating away until the early hours (see above). She was sweating too though, I was just too tired to pick up the camera.

Welcome to our new living room (well that's the plan, it could well be a swimming pool if this underlay doesn't work.) I'll get some shots of it up as soon as we have finished (late 2034-ish, weather permitting)

Ah, renovation. Such an innocent word, full of hope and the promise of new beginnings. Well, the room's full of water and our backs could certainly do with some renewing.

Until the next post, goodbye and happy roofing everyone.

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