Saturday, 27 August 2011

Better weather, fantastic new promotion tool.

Hello from the thankfully dry Shed.

I just received news from an Uncle that he's promoting our stuff on his blog too.

An amazing guy, from diving the barrier reef, winning awards for dive training, helping to find missing persons or identifying butterflies he seems to have an unending capacity to both help and teach.

And we're on his blog! Hee hee.

Ok, enough gushing, his wife's pretty cool too by the way.

So I spent all night last night fighting with wife to try to get her to go to  sleep. Zazzle is both exciting and addictive. Once one type of product is set up, it is very easy to continue creating others. However, if you log out, it is harder to get to the 'easy' bit again. So, this is what causes me to drag, kicking and screaming, wife to bed.

Even as I type this morning, I can see her circling the computer like a vulture. Yes dear, ok dear, only a moment more dear.

I'm off to do various bits and bobs now which I'll save for the next blog.

Uncles blog is Postcards from Sussex and is well worth a visit.

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