Monday, 29 August 2011

BBQ Success, and so to work

What a wonderful evening. So wonderful in fact that I forgot to blog and simply enjoyed real life for a while.... bliss.

Windswept garden warrior

So I took a few pics of me and wife battling the elements, determined to have a barbeque at all costs.

Ash in its annual dance with the elements

As the old Ash tree bowed under the relentless attack from East Yorkshire winds, me and wife, stooped low to avoid being carried, wizard-of-oz-like into the night, began the ressurection of the old barbeque. Well, 'barbeque' is a little optimistic. A seemingly random collection of broken tiles, bricks, the innards of an old fireplace and a steel plate. But to those in the know.... oh yes.

Blurriness perhamps something to do with beer?

So we ate and drank and generally forgot about the daily grind and enjoyed each others company for the evening. May there be plenty more of that in the future.

Spot the wife competition 2011

I need to try and get all our business links on here somewhere, perhaps in a side bar... hmmm.... leave it with me, I'll see what I can do.

The master at work
Ok, so another culinary blog. With so much on our plates at the minute it's a real delight to be able to ramble away on here reminding ourselves that we have had some leisure time after all.

Me taking credit for wife's toil
See you next time and thanks for reading!

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