Sunday, 4 September 2011

Leftovers from summer

We were so tired yesterday we didn't manage to post the new blog. But the roof is finished, the ceiling is done, all we have to do now is paint the room and move the furniture in. The Big Project is near its end. Hooray!

Nearly there!

Danny is currently working his way through a clients garden so I thought while I have an hour or two by myself on the computer I'll write a blog.

Yesterday I had a really bad day with my back, which has been injured for a week now, and Dan didn't let me work too hard. So I picked up a camera and had a wander in the garden.

Majority of plants are done for this year but there is still a fair few flowers and obviously the fruit trees.

We have used lots and lots of plums and crab apples and we have made some jams and jellies and chutneys. Yet you can't really tell when you look at the trees. This years crop has been enormous.

Here's some pics I took yesterday.

Last one standing

Very busy Bee (there's a milion of them around the garden)

Where there's a pear there's a wasp

Nasturtions overtaking a part of the garden

Clematis flower

Lovely Pansy

Bee in flight

We need Cols expertise on this one

And again please Captain B

Crab Apple

Hope you enjoyed the blog.
Till the nex time...

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  1. Great blog, amazed you have the time to take photos and put them up with all the work you've been doing. These flutterbies are easy, top one is a Comma, bottom one is a Red Admiral. There will be a test on these later...
    keep it up!