Thursday, 1 September 2011

I'll just pop up and finish the roof, won't be a tick...

Ok, so today I decided to finish off all the tiny little things that you have to do after creating a new roof. Fitting little strips of wood to hold down the felt, attaching a sticky weather strip, that sort of thing. I estimated about an hour so I thought I'd get stuck in around 9am and get it all polished off.....
One boring shot of a slightly pitched roof...

It's 8.15pm now and I've just finished. Still, the roof is set, dry, sealed and looks good as new so there we are. A few extra hours here and there and hopefully a good few years of protection from the elements.
Shiny new guttering and wood work

Tomorrow we begin turning a chilly ex-glass room into a warm cosy new living room, with plasterboards, wooden framing and insulation to boot!

Wife has been covering all the neglected household duties and has done a magnificent job getting us back up to speed with everything and topped off the day by baking the most amazing layered Polish cake I have ever eaten. It is called Karpatka (after the Polish mountain range Karpaty) and is basically a sweet yorkshire pudding for the base, lashings of thick vanilla custard and a top layer of the same sweet yorkshire pudding. When finished with a little icing sugar, the final effect is that of a snow covered mountain range (hence the name) and is damn tasty as well. Think rugged vanilla slice without the icing.
Afraid there's not this much left anymore.... mmm

George made one of his amazing curries for tea so we're all sitting bloated by the telly wondering what to do next.

Made an unexpected link today with an old friend of mine from Thailand. He's coming to live back in the UK (Colchester I think) so that was nice.

I feel a Guiness coming on!

Oh, and Col, you're welcome to some grapes if you fancy a visit to help us press a few. (squidge, squish, no socks, you get the idea). Looking at the growth from this year, next year can't fail to be a huge crop.... oh dear... counting chickens, etc....

Hope everyone's happy out in the real world. Until tomorrow...

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  1. The cake and grapes look wonderful! We have some mint growing on our balcony... mint wine anyone?