Saturday, 31 December 2011

Strange Winter at Lilac Tree

Hello all,

Well, after the warnings of last year we all panic bought supplies, fitted snow chains and hunkered down for the worst winter on record.

What arrived in mid-December was, well, nothing.

The temperature is around 12 degrees at worst, a few blustery days, basically autumn.

So we thought the garden had got away with it but now we're all worried as the plants are more confused than we are.

As you can see, even the rose has started to bud...
A very confused Rose
Even the Lilac doesn't know what's happening...

Huh? Spring here already?
 The snap-dragons are still holding on strong as well.

Hold, hold, not until you see the white of the frost...

This poor willow thinks it's spring too...
So the garden is currently at risk.

I'm not playing this up, really.

If we get a frost now, most of the tree stock will suffer massive damage. The hardy roses will no doubt be ok and the willow will probably bounce back but there is a real risk of us losing our stock trees such as the apples and, dare I say it, the cherries. (the beautiful cherries! Noooooo!)

So there we are, after a wonderful christmas and a great run up to New Year, now we're all worried about the garden!

I suppose we've got to worry about something.

Could be worse, we could be commercial fruit farmers.

Happy New Year everybody,

All the team at Lilac Tree xxx

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