Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Latest windswept Lilac Tree news

Me battling with canvas... the canvas won.

Our Sue and Col inspired home gallery (part of)

More pics and a new lamp

Even more pics

My secret door contraption made from a bell cast, a lathe spool and a large wheel procurred from a washing machine.

Tunisian rug and, strangely, a pool cue.

New and old in the new dining room.

Our new unit, doubling the space in our kitchen

The orchids new home (we've bought two more since)

Unmissable moon scape, I couldn't resist.

Before the gusts began

Battling the elements

If only pictures could portray the ominous creaking noises...

Apart from dead wood, all survived the Hurricane Katia remnants

Although the wind-vane cum tv ariel did not.
Hi everyone. A pretty boring picture filled blog this time as we are incredibly busy with Penny's book launches (all three paperbacks out in mid-november. See www.pennygrubb.com), house renovations, gardening, painting, paperwork and various other time consuming monsters.

Hopefully, we'll win quite soon and we can start blogging more regularly.

Lots of love to all our dear readers until the next post,

The Lilac Tree Posse.


  1. great pics. Like the portrait of you and Gabi.

  2. Cheers,

    We had it done with one of these 'free' photo shoots but didn't crumble under the guilty pressure at the end and only went for 2 photos. This one and a similar one in colour which we have hung in our bedroom.

    Love to all in lovely L'hmptn x

  3. Love the photos - and the art! And the trees in the Autumn gales. Its a cold and stormy day down here on the South Coast - lots of waves on the Channel